May our joining
Be a jetty
On the troubled sea —
The then, a squall
The now, serene

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The base price for your Custom Wedding Poem will run from $499 for an electronic version to $749 for a custom poem printed on your choice of letterpressed stock, matted & framed. Standard shipping is included. When you request a quote, these base prices will be amended to include any special requests, extra copies, or expedited shipping needs.

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any unique proposals that differ from what I’ve presented on the options page. I’m flexible and welcome a challenge, so I’ll do whatever I can to fashion the poem and final product you’re envisioning.

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Marty's ability to capture the essence of our relationship and our life together is truly amazing. We have a framed copy of the poem hanging in a place of honor in our family room. Thank you Marty, I wish I had your skill with words so I could write a more eloquent review!

BILL K. / Groom