I will ask you to meet me today
By the water

If you remember the place
And arrive to find me waiting
Then I will know that together
We have defeated time...

It starts with a conversation

The process is centered around the in-depth conversation you’ll have with me, your personal CWP poet. This allows us to work together in focusing in on the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. Below you’ll find the steps leading to that conversation, and those steps leading from it to your crafted final product.

Take a look at our sample poems to get inspired! Start thinking about what your own custom-crafted poem will celebrate and sing about. Then, head to the options page to get a sense of the possibilities for your framed final product. There’s also an FAQ page for other questions.

“​ The custom poem was the most personal and moving part of our ceremony and something we will treasure for our entire lives. We had the poem read during our ceremony, which brought me and my husband to tears, as well as many of our guests. Marty is very talented and so easy to work with — I am so grateful that we found him! ”​
Rebecca D. / Bride
The Process

Use the contact page to reach out with any questions or to request a quote. If you're ready to move forward, we’ll schedule our one-on-one conversation. I’ll also email you some questions that will help you collect important details for your poem.

First conversation 01
Via phone or Skype, we’ll chat for roughly a half-hour and build the blueprint for your Custom Wedding Poem. Most importantly, we’ll discuss the story you want to tell and what shape your poem will take.
Drafting 02
After we talk, I’ll dash off and cobble away at your masterpiece. Within a couple weeks, you’ll receive a draft of your original poem. You'll spend time with it, awash in its splendor, while also finalizing your decisions about the visual options.
Second conversation 03
Via phone, Skype or email you’ll provide your choices for visual options and layout, and we'll discuss any small tweaks or edits you want to make to your poem. One round of revisions is included for free.
Approval 04
I’ll make the revisions discussed, arrange your original poem on your chosen backdrop, and send you the proof for approval. You’ll respond with any final, minor changes to the layout, and then we’re ready to finalize!

I'll print and assemble your Custom Wedding Poem, and wing it on its way. Simple as that! The rest is easy: unbridled joy, unexpected wonder, years of poignant memories, things like that. They're all included.

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