We paused
to marvel at
the blossoms
like snowdrifts
to the cobbled streets

Custom Wedding Poem FAQs
Besides being given as gifts, Custom Wedding Poems can be read during the ceremonies themselves, or can be printed onto invitations, programs, table settings, or thank-you notes. As a gift, the framed version of the custom poem is a one-of-a-kind keepsake, displayed as a remembrance of the couple’s unique relationship and story.
Brides and grooms commission them for one another. Family members and friends commission them as gifts for the couple (who can add them to a gift registry). Couples can also purchase them as anniversary gifts for their partners − one, ten, or fifty years after the special day, to remember their wedding and honor the distance they’ve traveled between then and now.
For the most part, the tone is dictated by the focus and content you provide. I’ll work with you to convey the emotions you’re after, whether it’s poignant or wry, introspective or playfully bombastic. If the question is, can I be funny, the only way I can answer that is to ask you what is takes to make an octopus laugh. When you hear that the answer is, of course, ten tickles, you’ll have a better sense of my range and versatility. Smiley face.
Probably not. Ultimately, the end result of forced rhyming is that the structure becomes master to the content, when, in good poems, the two work together. That said, rhyming is a powerful tool if wielded properly. I sometimes use rhyme for effect, often internally to link ideas and create rhythm and music. Ultimately, I can craft you a fully rhyming poem if your heart is set on it; however, the resulting poem may be inferior to one that allowed me to find my own path to the emotional truth of your subject.
Possibilities include the couple’s names, your name, the date, and the location. It’s best to keep the ancillary information to a minimum to avoid overcrowding the page, but I’ll work with you to include and smartly arrange the information you want.
Of course! Any writing you need in connection with you’re wedding I’d be happy to write or edit for you. Contact me and I’ll make it work. The same visual options I use for poems can be applied to another piece of writing, such as vows, as well.

The Physical Product

The letter-pressings are letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inches). The width of the frames vary a little based on style, but each has an 11 x 14 inch opening. I found these sizes to be best for both printing and for allowing the final product to be displayed in a variety of ways.
While the size of the letterpressed backgrounds is set, we can definitely go larger on the matting and frames. Just be aware that this could add time and price to the order. There is also the option of forgoing matting and using an 8.5 x 11 inch frame that fits perfectly around the letterpressing. If you have another vision for your final product, beyond other framing options, just let me know what you have in mind and I’ll do my best to accommodate.
Of course! The horizontal arrangement can also accommodate a slightly longer poem, if necessary, particularly when printing on the “Treeline” and “Seascape” letterpressings. With these backgrounds, used horizontally, I generally like the pressing on the left, but the alignment is ultimately up to you. Go to the Samples page to see the “Wildflower” letterpressing arranged horizontally.
Absolutely. The process will be the same, but without the printing, matting, and framing. You will be provided with a Microsoft Word document of your poem, which you will be able to manipulate to meet your needs. For a small service fee, I can arrange the poem on an e-version of one of the template options.
Definitely. The process will be the same, but without the matting and framing.

The Process

It depends on the volume at the time , but the process from start to finished product usually takes 3-4 weeks. If the wedding date is closing in, though, contact me immediately to see if a quicker turnaround is possible.
For an extra fee, I can get you your framed, custom poem within two weeks. In a poetry emergency (the worst kind of emergency), a week might be doable, though this becomes complicated by frame availability and shipping times. Though I’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need when you need it.
Most people are thrilled with their initial draft and have minimal revision requests. One round of revisions is included in your custom quote — where I work with the feedback you provide after you review that first draft. Each subsequent round of revisions you request will be subject to an hourly surcharge.
Your price will be the same regardless of the combination of visual options (letterpressing, matting, background) you choose. Of course, the price will be lower if you forgo framing and/or printing. Your total price will also reflect any expedited scheduling and the changes in shipping needs that result. Contact me with the specific needs and time frame of your project, and I’ll get back to you quickly with a custom quote that combines all of these various factors.
Absolutely. Just be sure to include this request when you contact me. If you want multiple copies, you can also request different options for each, such as different frames or letterpressings.
Before I start writing, the non-refundable deposit (roughly a third of the custom quote) will be due. The final product will be printed and shipped once I’ve received your balance payment.

The Rest

Certainly! I can apply and adapt the same Custom Wedding Poems process to meet any of your poetry needs. Just ask, and I’ll make it work.
Yes, and absolutely. Please do. Contact me with anything you need on my end to make this happen.
I ship using trackable, insured UPS ground shipping. Upgrades for expedited and international shipping are available.
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