May our elements
Conspire, free
Like water, bright
Like fire, loosed
Together on a sparkling
Endless sea


Words from a few of the brides, grooms, and guests that experienced a custom wedding poem.

The custom poem was the most personal and moving part of our ceremony and something we will treasure for our entire lives. We had the poem read during our ceremony, which brought me and my husband to tears, as well as many of our guests. Marty is very talented and so easy to work with — I am so grateful that we found him! —Rebecca D., bride We hired custom wedding poems to write a poem for us to use in our ceremony. We really didn't know what to expect… but the resulting piece was incredible. It was read as part of the ceremony and we had lots of comments about it in the following weeks from our friends and family. Marty's ability to capture the essence of our relationship and our life together is truly amazing. We have a framed copy of the poem hanging in a place of honor in our family room. Thank you Marty, I wish I had your skill with words so I could write a more eloquent review! —Bill K., groom Our poem from Custom Wedding Poems is simply amazing. Before writing anything, Marty really took the time to talk with us about our relationship, how we met, and what we care about. While talking with him, it was easy to see that he cared about who we were and writing something unique for us. When I first mentioned the idea of a wedding poem to my wife, she had some misgivings about what a poem would really be like. When I surprised her with the poem Marty wrote, she cried and said right away that she wanted it read at our wedding. It was a great addition to our service. Marty gave all of our guests a better chance to see who we were and why loved each other so much . . . more than a few guests cried. After our wedding, we hung the poem on our wall. We smile every time we read it, thinking both about our wedding and how lucky we are to have found each other. We cannot speak well enough of Custom Wedding Poems, and it is largely due to all the care and effort Marty puts into his work. It will easily be the most unexpected and appreciated gift for any couple starting their lives together. —Clayton O., groom I worked with Marty to create a custom wedding poem as a wedding gift for two dear friends. My friends had a great time sharing the story of their relationship and engagement with Marty and found him to be easy to work with. The product was all I had hoped for and more — a beautiful, warm, touching, and personal poem and stunning framed presentation. Everyone at the wedding raved about the poem, including the couple, the moms, the guests, and me! —Patricia M., wedding guest I was guest at a good friend's wedding where a Custom Wedding Poem was read. Unique to the couple, the powerful poem really captured the moment. It even brought the officiant to tears. The newlyweds had the framed poem on display so we could all read over the wonderfully crafted piece. Much of the buzz on the buffet line was about how lovely the poem was. I think a Custom Wedding Poem would be the perfect component for any wedding. —Laurence S., wedding guest The custom wedding poem we ended up with is a true work of art, a thing of beauty crafted by a true poet with a natural gift for words. But best is that it's uniquely ours. When it was read at our ceremony it brought tears to my eyes and reading it today brings me right back to that most beautiful of days. —Shanelle C., bride I'm usually not one for poetry, but the custom wedding poem Marty wrote for our wedding was perfect. It beautifully encapsulated our past and our future, the wedding setting, and our life together, and people comment on it to this day. I don't think anyone else could have written something so perfect. —Daniela F., bride The more time passes, the more glad I am we invested in having our poem crafted. It serves as another important reminder of how blessed we are to have found one another, and to keep well and to celebrate that moment we joined our lives together. —Stephen G., groom A custom wedding poem was read at my best friend's wedding. It made this already special day even more sublime with the music of the words perfectly tailored to the occasion. —Rita S., wedding guest My fiancé and I attended our friends' wedding and when Marty's poem was read we saw some of the family crying. We knew we wanted a similar touching experience for our ceremony. We contacted Marty about our wedding in the fall and he has been very gracious. —Jessica V., wedding guest